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Let tourists experience your instituion on their device. Stop giving them printed paper or a 20 year old device with used headphones.


Tourize helps museums, zoos and aquariums enhance the visitors experience before, during and after their visit using smartphones.


日本語を話せますか? No problem. Guide others in their native tongue to get the same experience throughout your institution.

Share Your Knowledge.

Save your time. The value of tour guide is in their knowledge, yet we most often pay them for their time. Even the best tour guides are limited by the number of hours in a day, and some of the best attractions are known only by locals with no time to give tours. Tourize empowers local experts on any subject to monetize their knowledge in the form of a digital tour that can be taken any time.

Abbey Road Tour



Scale Your Business

Tourize helps make money for independent guides and local experts, but it’s great for the established attractions, too. Museums and historical attractions can stop investing in hardware with limited functionality and limited availability and start investing in a scalable, interactive experience for their guests.

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